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Rare spottings during Synchronized bird census by BCF INDIA's volunteers

Date: 19.02.2021

Flocks of Black winged stilt

Total 136 inland and water bird species were spotted during the twolay long annual synchronized bird census 2021 on February 17-18 in Karaivetti bird sanctuary of Ariyalur district. Western reef Egret and Woolly-necked stork bird species were recorded for the first time inthe last three years in the bird Sanctuary Karaivetti bird sanctuary in Ariyalur district was among the 22 protected areas in the state where bird census was carried out on February 17-18.

While synchronized bird census was conducted for the fourth consecutive year in Karaivetti, Western reef Egret bird Was spotted for the first time, said Conservation scientist A Kumaraguru from the biodiversity Conservation Foundation.

The Woolly necked stork with black and plumage and distinctive white ruffled neck are large birds, which could be as tall as four feet. These birds were declared vulnerable in 2017 after their population started reducing due to poaching.

These birds could be found mostly in coastal areas and esturies, while over 20000 birds were spotted last year in the sanctuary, this year over 25000 birds were recorded during the census. This includes 4209 inland birds and 21395 water birds. Other bird species that were spotted during the census were Glossy ibis, Bar-headed goose, Grey heron and spoon-bill spotted.

Rare spottings

Woolly necked stork Western reef egret

Forest officials and volunteers during synchronized bird census at Karaivetti bird sanctuary

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