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Annual synchronized bird census to start in Tamil Nadu

Date: 17.02.2021

The fourth edition of the state-level annual synchronized bird census will start in 22 protected areas in 13 districts of Tamil Nadu on Wednesday. The two-day census will help in understanding the migratory pattern of birds and their nesting behaviour. The census is jointly organized by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department (TNFD) and Biodiversity Conservation Foundation (BCF-India) for the fourth consecutive year. About 80-100 teams with a maximum of three members in each team will conduct the census in coastal as well as inland wetlands. An induction programme was conducted in the protected areas on Tuesday to provide instructions to the team who are going to take the census. Instructions on the dos and don'ts in the field, as well as training on filling the datasheet and taking bird photography were given to the members. The last three years' census data was compiled into a book titled ‘Birds in Protected Areas of Tamil Nadu’ which will serve as a field guide for volunteers and forest department staff who will be part of the census. The book provides an insight into the various land and waterbird species recorded across Tamil Nadu in the census period.

Induction programme to volunteers and forest officials by Dr. Kumaraguru, Conservation Scientist and Director of BCF INDIA at Karavetti Bird Sanctuary, Ariyalur District, Tamil Nadu

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Deiveegan P
Deiveegan P
Feb 19, 2021

Really, we proud to be the birds census on karaivetti bird sanctuary includes involvement and socially work..💯❤

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